Annual Trail Forum Presentations

10th Annual Trail Forum — Thursday, December 7, 2017

Trail Forum Agenda

Creating a Positive Experience through Effective Bridge and Natural Surface Trail Design
Scott Brown, Owner, Blue Ridge Trail Works, Inc.
Bob Karriker, Lead Trail Builder, Blue Ridge Trail Works, Inc.

The “Art” of Trails — Incorporating Public Art into Trails and Greenways
Dabney Sanders, Project Manager, Downtown Greenway, Greensboro, NC

Using Trail Data to Better Understand and Promote Economic Benefits of Trails
Kristy Jackson, Bicycle and Pedestrian Project Manager, Stewart Engineering

Spanning the Universe…well, not quite…Bridging Rivers, Freeways, Railroads and other Significant Trail Barriers
John Cock, AICP, V-P/SE Region, Alta Planning and Design
Jake Sherman, PE, Structural Engineer, WSP, Inc.
Adam Felmlee, PE, CBSI, Arete Structures

Is It Worth It? — Taking on Federal Funds in a Small Town to Build Trails
Erika Martin, AICP, Planning Director, Town of Troutman
Will Washam, Senior Planner, Town of Cornelius

Using Creative On-Road Facilities to Fill-in Greenway Gaps
Chris Lambka, PLA, Landscape Architect, Toole Design Group
Jared Draper, AICP, Planner, Toole Design Group

Inspiring Trails for the Next Generation
Jeff Olson, RA, Principal, Alta Planning, Inc. — keynote speaker

Public/Private Collaboration for Trail Development — Charlotte’s River District
Will Washam, Tar Heel Trailblazers Mountain Bike Club
Katie Lloyd, PLA, ASLA, Senior Designer, Alta Planning and Design
Chase Kerley, Director of Land Acquisition, Crescent Communities, Inc.

Raising the Bar through the Cross-Charlotte Trail — 2017 Update
Joe Frey, PE, Engineer, City of Charlotte Property and Real Estate Management
Gwen Cook, RLA, Planner, Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation
Gabe Dobbs, PE, STP, Project Manager, Kimley-Horn and Associates

What You Need to Know about Floodplains when Developing Trails
Steve Garrtt, CFM, Department of Public Safety, North Carolina Emergency Management

Ninth Annual Trail Forum

Trail Forum Agenda

Tom Okel, Executive Director, Carolina Thread Trail
Bret Baronak, Community Coordinator, Carolina Thread Trail

Using the Land Development Code as a Tool to Expand Greenways
Josh Watkins, Planning Director, Town of Harrisburg

Building Bridges—Carolina Thread Trail’s First Cross State Bridge Connection
Lisa McCarter, AICP, Planning and Zoning Administrator, Town of Waxhaw
Natalie L.K. Jackson, Director of Parks and Recreation, Town of Waxhaw
Billy Sellers, Parks and Recreation Supervisor, Town of Waxhaw
Penelope G. Karagounis, Planning Director, Lancaster County

Law and Order: Special Trails Unit, Reducing Crime One Trail at a Time
Brittain Storck, ASLA, PLA, CPD, Regional Landscape Architecture Studio Director, Alta Planning and Design
Katie Pitstick, ASLA, PLA, Professional Landscape Architect, Alta Planning and Design 

Navigating the Trail Easement Acquisition Process 
Saxby Chaplin, Legal Counsel, Catawba Lands Conservancy
Matt Covington, JD, Director of Land Acquisition, Catawba Lands Conservancy

Mary Black Rail Trail: Expanding the Network 
Jared Draper, AICP, Transportation Planner, Toole Design Group
Chris Lambka, RLA, Landscape Architect, Toole Design Group
Ned Barrett, Trails Coordinator, Partners for Active Living
Sherry Dull, BLA, Senior Planner, Spartanburg Transportation Study

Programming Trails—Make Your Trails Better for Visitors
Alex Beck, Parks Program Supervisor, Cabarrus County Active Living & Parks Department
Laura Domingo, Naturalist, Mecklenburg County Parks & Recreation
Hope Matthews, Outdoor Education Coordinator, City of Rock Hill Parks, Recreation & Tourism
Taylor Morris, Program Supervisor, City of Concord Parks & Recreation

Lunch–Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation Director Jim Garges 

What’s That You Say? Key Steps to an Effective Communication Plan
Lucy Crown, AICP, Greenway Coordinator, City of Asheville
Joey Robison, Communication Specialist, City of Asheville, Riverfront Team
Sara Henry, Operations Coordinator, City of Asheville, Riverfront Team

Greenway Connectivity Through Innovative On-Road Design—Charlotte Uptown Trails Study Update
Vivian Coleman, RLA, AICP, Center City Transportation Program Manager, CDOT
Todd Delk, PE, Manager of Bicycle & Pedestrian Practice, Stewart

Investing in Trails for Health 
Brittain Storck, ASLA, PLA, CPD, Regional Landscape Architecture Studio Director, Alta Planning and Design
Tee Coker, AICP, Planner, Alta Planning and Design
Katie Lloyd, PLA, Assoc. ASLA, Professional Landscape Architect, Alta Planning and Design

Rails to Trails Concept to Reality and its Future
Jeff Ciabotti, Deputy Director of Planning-Mid Atlantic Region, Toole Design Group, Former VP for Trail Development at Rails-to-Trails Conservancy

Eighth Annual Trail Forum

Trail Forum Agenda

Welcome (online)
Travis Morehead, Operations Director, Carolina Thread Trail.

Turning Your Dream into a Reality: The Cross Charlotte Trail (XCLT)
Jessica Rossi, AICP, Kimley-Horn and Associates
Dan Gallagher, AICP, CDOT Transportation Planning Manager
Gabe Dobbs, PE, Kimley-Horn and Associates

Do the Benefits Promised by Greenways and Trails Really Exist?
Jon Wood, PLA, ASLA, Manager of Landscape Architecture, Stewart
Randi Gates, AICP, Project Manager, Stewart

Developing Complete Trail Corridors
Niles Barnes, South Atlantic Coordinator, East Coast Greenway

Using the Thread to Weave Communities Together
Mike Riemann, Former Mayor of Misenheimer, NC
Calvin Gaddy, Former Mayor of New London, NC

Design-Build Greenways: Save Money and Time
Blake Sanders, PLA, Landscape Architect, Alta Planning
Michael Crenshaw, President, King Asphalt Inc.

NCDOT Bicycle and Pedestrian Funding
Lauren Blackburn, AICP, Director, NCDOT Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Division

Scoping Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects
Iona L. Thomas, AICP, Vice President, Stewart
Lauren Blackburn, AICP, Director, NCDOT Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Division

Health Impacts of Greenways and Trail: More than Physical Activity
Don Kostelec, AICP, Principal, Kostelec Planning

A Regional Blueway Project: The Rocky River
Travis Morehead, AICP, Director of Operations, Carolina Thread Trail
Lenny Stallings, Executive Director, Capstone Climbing and Adventure
Daniel Smith, Director of Parks and Recreation, Town of Oakboro
Richard Flowe, AICP, Director of Planning, Town of Midland

The Top Three Reasons Why Nature Based Tourism Plays an Important Role in Community Economic Development in the Carolinas | Economic Impact Worksheet
Steve Morse, Ph.D. Director & Economist, Hospitality and Tourism Program, Western Carolina

Seventh Annual Trail Forum

View 2014 Trail Forum Agenda

Karl Froelich, Project Director, Carolina Thread Trail

Public Awareness Through Community Connections 
Lucy Crown, AICP, Owner, Lucy Crown Consulting

Successful Volunteer Recruitment and Programs 
Carrie Banks, Executive Director, North Carolina Rail-Trails

Things to Consider Prior to Land Acquisition 
Derek Williams, ASLA, Vice President/North Carolina Division Manager, Alfred Benesch & Company
Jeff Ashbaugh, RLA, Senior Project Manager and Landscape Architect, Alfred Benesch & Company

Elkin Valley Trails Association: Getting Trails on the Ground
Dr. William Blackley, Chairman, Elkin Valley Trails Association
Bob Hillyer, Trail Development Chair, Elkin Valley Trails Association

Historic Pickens – Where the Mountains Begin…and Mountain Biking 
Blake Sanders, PLA, Landscape Architect, Alta Planning
John Darrohn, President, Darrohn Engineering
Allison Fowler, Executive Director, Main Street Pickens and Pickens Revitalization Association

Constructing Our First Carolina Thread Trail in Lancaster County, S.C
Penelope G. Karagounis, Planning Director, Lancaster County
Hal Hiott, Parks and Recreation Director, Lancaster County

North Carolina – The Great Trail State 
Iona L. Thomas, AICP, Manager of Transportation, Stewart

Are We Doing All We Can?
Beth Poovey, Senior Associate, LandDesign
Candace Damon, Vice Chairman, HR&A

Neighborhood Greenways
Jack Cebe, Landscape Architect and Planner, Alta Planning
Scott Barnard, Parks and Recreation Director, City of Goldsboro

Innovative Bridge and Boardwalk Ideas for Your Trails: Panel Discussion
Jason Philbin, PE, President, PermaTrak North America
Amy Vanden Heuvel, National Sales Specialist, Wickcraft Company
Joe Lackey, Owner, Alpine Towers International

“Courting” Your Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities…From a Forensic Engineering and
Planning Perspective 
J. Mark Teague, PE, CPM, Owner, J.M. Teague Traffic Engineering
Kristy Carter, AICP, Transportation Planner, J.M. Teague Traffic Engineering

Travelers Rest, SC: From Small Town to Trail Town
Dianna Turner, City Administrator, City of Travelers Rest
Ty Houck, Director of Greenways, Natural and Historic Resources, Greenville County Parks, Rec. and Tourism


Sixth Annual Trail Forum

Welcome to the 6th Annual Trail Forum
Karl Froelich, Director – Carolina Thread Trail
Trail Signs, Signals and Pavement Markings – Now and in the Future 
J. Mark Teague, PE, CPM, J.M. – Teague Traffic Engineering

Exploring Ecological and Cultural Opportunities – A Framework for Sustainability
David Tuch, RLA, President – Equinox Environmental Consultation & Design

Greenways and Mountain Bikes
Tom Sauret, Southeast Regional Director, IMBA, Executive Director – SORBA

Neuse River Greenway Trail
Iona Thomas, AICP, Greenway Design Group Manager – Stewart

Kings Mountain Gateway Trail
Shirley Brutko, Director, Cleveland County Chamber of Commerce – Kings Mountain Office
Bill McCarter, AICP, Planning Director – Cleveland County
Doug Satterfield, Vice President – Kings Mountain Gateway Trails, Inc.

Sustainable Design and Construction of the High Falls Trail with a Focus on Integrity and Longevity
Christy C. Magas, RLA, LEED, GA, Water Strategy, Hydro Licensing and Lake Services – Duke Energy

Assessing Your Trails, Keeping them Safe and Enjoyable
Jonathan D. Wood, PLA, ASLA, Associate Vice President – Stewart
Bert Lynn, PLA, ASLA, LEED, AP, Project Manager – Mecklenburg County

Beer + Greenways = Public/Private Partnership
Fred Grogan, PLA, Landscape Architect – Equinox Environmental Consultation & Design

Natural Surface Trail Construction and Maintenance
Deno Contos, President – Benchmark Trails, Inc.

Recreational Use Statutes and Other Legal Topics Related to Trails
George Kimberly, Land Acquisition Director – Catawba Lands Conservancy/ Carolina Thread Trail

Pop Up Threads – “Tactical Greenwayism”
Dan Dodd, RLA, Principal – The Dodd Studio, LLC
John Cock, Principal – Alta/Greenway

Fourth Annual Trail Forum

If We Build It Will They Come? Investigating the Relationship Between Greenways and Economic Development
Jessica Rossi, AICP and Frank Warren, CRE (Warren and Associates)

Get Your Program Here! Strategies for Creating Successful Trail Based Recreation Programs
Dan Dodd, RLA, Principal, The Dodd Studio

Why Safe Routes to Schools Matter
Ed Johnson, ASLA, RLA, Coordinator, Safe Routes to School

ADA Accessibility Requirements for Trails
Jon Wood, RLA, Principal and Bert Lynn, RLA (HadenStanziale PA)

Natural Surface Trail Maintenance
Woody Keen, PTBA, Owner, Trail Dynamics

Interactive Trail Design Exercise Part I
Iona Thomas, AICP, Vice President and Curtis Bridges, AICP (Stewart Engineering)

The Volunteer Crew Model for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy
Andrew Downs, Trail Resource Manager, Appalachian Trails Conservancy

Successful Paddle Trails in North Carolina
Tom Potter, Executive Director, North Carolina Paddle Trails Association

Trek Before the Trail: Engaging Healthy Living and Maintaining Advocate Momentum
Melissa Miklus, ASLA and Maya Agarwal, ASLA, RLA (Alta/Greenways)

Boots and Bikes on Main Street
Beth Poovey, ASLA, RLA and Aaron Shier, ASLA (LandDesign)