Connecting Communities

Because of the project’s emphasis  on empowering local communities and weaving them together, the Carolina Thread Trail could be considered a “civic engagement project dressed in greenway clothes” and will help to build stronger communities in many ways. As part of Crossroads Charlotte, a large-scale social capital building initiative supported by Foundation For The Carolinas, the Thread Trail can help bring communities together and build trust as the trails are planned, created and used.

Provide Neighborhood and Community Connections

The Thread Trail provides connections from the greenway for adjoining neighborhoods and social centers such as schools, churches, and other community facilities. It will help to reinforce the identity of neighborhoods through greenway design by incorporating public art, recognizing local history, and creating landmark open spaces.

Improve the Social Health of Communities

As a free, accessible community asset, the Thread Trail offers opportunities for recreation and exercise to everyone, including children, youth and families who might not be able to afford them elsewhere. The trails also provide a safe place for people to experience a sense of community and create stronger social and familial ties.

Reconnect the Children of our Community with Nature

So many of our children rely on indoor activities such as video games, television and the Internet for entertainment. By preserving green spaces from development, the Thread Trail provides safe places for our children to play outside with others from surrounding communities and create awareness of each other, as well as of the natural world.

Promote Regional Thinking

As a tangible project that links people and places, the Thread Trail encourages communities, leaders and municipalities to build partnerships. It will provide a framework and “pathway” for future regional initiatives and will encourage communities to act locally while thinking regionally.