Benefits and Concerns

Connecting Communities

Trails can help bring communities together and build trust as the trails are planned, created and used.


The economic benefits of greenways and trails to the surrounding region are numerous. Increased property values, tourist attraction to outdoor recreation facilities, enhanced ability to attract and retain business, and less costly cleanup of polluted water and air


Establishment of greenways and trails can restore natural corridors within already densely populated regions and preserve them in areas soon to be developed. Substantial growth can be positive from an economic standpoint, but it places a very serious strain on the area’s natural resources such as water and air quality, open space and wildlife habitats. Greenways and trails provide corridors of natural areas within developed land, resulting in significant positive effects on the environmental health of the region.

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Greenways and trails not only encourage friends, families and communities to interact with each other and nature, but they also provide a venue for physical activities such as walking, jogging, running, in-line skating and biking. The associated physical and psychological health benefits of these activities are significant.