Land Acquistion

Eminent Domain Policy Statement

The following is the Carolina Thread Trail position statement regarding eminent domain:

  • The Carolina Thread Trail is a private non-profit entity that has no governmental power, such as eminent domain.
  • Any decision to exercise eminent domain is at the discretion of the community’s governing body. It is very seldom utilized for trails.
  • While the decision to exercise eminent domain is not within the Carolina Thread Trail’s purview, our organization does not support its use for creating trails and greenways.
  • Some local governments choose to adopt trail plans with language indicating that they will not utilize eminent domain in the development of their trails.
  • The Thread Trail is planned, built and owned by the communities. Community participation is voluntary, and planning is collaborative and based on citizen input. Planning guidelines encourage routing the Thread Trail across public land or rights of way or using land or rights of way acquired from willing landowners.

The Thread Trail is a long-term project that is being built as opportunities for implementation of trail segments arise over time.


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Private Acquisition

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