Communities Weaving The Thread

Photo by Nancy Pierce

Unlike many endeavors of this type, private funds are serving as a catalyst for creating the Carolina Thread Trail. Local communities and partners in the 15-county area are invited to participate in planning and building the Thread Trail.  Communities and partner organizations are empowered through financial and technical support from the project to create and implement their own community-based trails. The communities, working together, may apply for grants from the private pool of capital that can serve as catalytic funding and help attract public funding sources.   Communities working together will determine where their local systems connect, thus becoming part of the Thread Trail. In this way, each community is participating in the creation of a regional legacy for future generations to enjoy.

To learn more about our grants application process, click here.

A guiding principle of the Carolina Thread Trail is “respect for the land and respect for the land owners”. As communities determine the location of their segments of the Thread Trail, they will have alternative routes to consider that include public lands or property owned by willing landholders, including developers who want to offer this amenity to their neighborhoods. For more information about our landowner outreach, click here.