Local Connections

The Carolina Thread Trail is a long-term project that grows as communities build trails linking parks, green spaces and attractions throughout the region. Not all local trails and greenways will become part of the Carolina Thread Trail. Analogous to our highway systems, the Thread Trail is like a “green interstate” focused on linking local trails and regionally significant attractions.

Trails in each community have their own identities. Designation as the Carolina Thread Trail signifies that a particular trail is part of a plan to create an interconnected system, a plan created by local communities working together with their neighbors to identify connection points and to build trails that will grow together over time.

As each county throughout the Carolina Thread Trail region adopts a plan for the Thread Trail in their communities, that plan is shown under their local connections page. You can also find many of the interesting attractions within the 15-county region that are being linked by the Thread Trail.

We invite local governments to show their support by adopting the Carolina Thread Trail Resolution.