About the Carolina Thread Trail

The Carolina Thread Trail is a regional trail network that will ultimately reach 15 counties and more than 2.3 million people.

More than a hiking trail, more than a bike path, the Thread Trail preserves our natural areas and is a place for exploration of nature, culture, science and history.

The Thread Trail arose from a discovery process started in 2005 when the Foundation For The Carolinas convened more than 40 regional leaders and organizations to determine the region’s most pressing environmental needs and concerns. From that process, open space preservation surfaced as the number one priority. The Carolina Thread Trail was successfully launched in 2007 as a project focused on preserving natural corridors and connecting people to nature through a network of connected trails.

Under the leadership of Catawba Lands Conservancy and many local partners, the Carolina Thread Trail strengthens the region and promotes economic development, education, better health and land conservation by connecting people, businesses and communities of diverse backgrounds and interests.

While not every local trail will be part of the Carolina Thread Trail system, the Thread Trail is linking regionally significant trails and many regional attractions. Think of it as a “green interstate system” of major trails and conservation lands created through local efforts throughout the region. The Thread Trail will emerge over time as communities work together to plan and build trails reflecting community character, aspirations and priorities.

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