Trail Masters Program

Trail Masters are leaders in developing and maintaining segments of the Carolina Thread Trail throughout the 15-county region. Volunteers and industry professionals attend a four-day course on the latest techniques in sustainable trail building and maintenance as well as volunteer leadership. This nationally recognized certification lasts three years.

Since 2011, Carolina Thread Trail has trained and certified 116 Trail Masters who have logged more than 5,500 volunteer hours.

Volunteer Trail Masters are expected to lead groups of volunteers during Thread Trail hosted community and private workdays. Community workdays are hosted monthly on Saturday mornings or Friday mornings. Private workdays may be hosted during the week in the mornings or afternoon.

Volunteer Trail Masters have the opportunity to work with staff on special trail projects, support our implementation partners with their design, construction and volunteer workday efforts as well as help monitor the trails the Thread Trail directly manage on a monthly basis. Trail Masters may also represent the Thread Trail at community outreach events and at outdoor programs and volunteer at our special events throughout the year.

For Current Trail Masters

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