Trail Masters Program

Interested in helping lead volunteer efforts throughout the region?

Trail Masters are leaders in developing and maintaining segments of the Thread Trail throughout the 15-county region. Volunteers and industry professionals attend a four-day course on the latest techniques in sustainable trail building and maintenance as well as volunteer leadership. Trail Masters serve as crew chiefs during our volunteer workdays, assist on special trail projects and help facilitate special events. Volunteer Trail Masters commit 40 hours of volunteer service to the Thread Trail each year for a period of three years and play a vital role in enhancing our trail efforts throughout our communities. To date, we have trained and certified 82 Trail Masters!

To become a Trail Master, you must first apply in order to be considered into the program. If you are accepted, you will be invited to attend a four-day course led by Trail Design Specialists Owner Mike Riter who provides classroom and on-trail instruction on how to build and maintain natural surface trails. The next Trail Masters Program class will be held in the fall of 2017. Date TBD.

Trail Master application for the 2016 course is closed. 

For questions about the program or to submit your interest for next year’s course, about the Trail Master Program, please contact Carolina Thread Trail Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator Vanessa Gorr at 704-376-2556 (ext. 215) or


For Current Trail Masters:

How to submit your hours: To submit your drive time and additional hours working on the Thread Trail that don’t coincide with a posted event registration (those hours will automatically be documented when you register for an event on our website) , please login to your volunteer profile and hit Record / Update Service Project Activity to enter in those hours.

How to submit a workday you would like to host: To submit a volunteer workday you’d like to host in your section of the Thread Trail that we can promote and help recruit community volunteers to assist you, please submit the event online here and we’ll be in touch soon!

If you are hosting a workday, please contact Vanessa Gorr at or 704-376-2556 x215, for copies for the Volunteer Waiver or click here to download the PDF.

How to submit Trail Assessments:  Click here to access and complete a trail assessment. These are due by the end of each month.

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The Trail Masters:

*New 2016 Trail Masters

Gregg Antemann Michael Blackburn Scott Brown
Eric Brunsvold Stephanie Bush Beth Chuck
Ben Debow Bruce Elliot *Bill Farar
Joe Fisher Carolyn Genay  Sarah Genay
Jason Grice Byron Haigler John Harris
Brian Hinson Natalie Jackson Julia James
Lisa Jenkins *Krik Johnston *Madison Karriker
*Gerry Kingsley Mark Kincaid John Kinley
Dillon Lackey Charlie Lieske Allen Lowrance
Patrick Lynch Bert Lynn *Bill McCarter
Lisa McCarter *Jimi Moore  Mike Moore
*Charlotte Morley Jerry Myles David Nelson
Sheri Osborne Jeff Pinnow Chip Sell
Colleen Simmons Keith Sornensen Whit Strunk
Josh Taylor Chris Timberlake *Jason Toon
Jeff Watson  Tom Watson *Ashley Wittmer